Zimmer Design
Our Story

We are Jim and Jessica Zimmer–two not-so-serious people serious about design.

Our Process

You have an idea. Let’s call it a need. You want that need to be heard, developed, nurtured and propelled into maturity. We ache to do that for you.

Our approach to all this is relatively simple: we meet clients who inspire us, we do our best to make inspired work for them, spurring them to develop more new ideas in turn, which inevitably make their way back to us and we begin again. The loop is complete or maybe it’s never ending.

Another way to say it is this–your inspiration fuels ours.


*Photo by Jess Fey



You’ve got an idea for a project and/or you want to collaborate with us. We want to hear what you’ve got to say. Don’t be shy.

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