Zimmer Design

Client: 3 Floyds 12oz Label Design
Project: 12oz Beer Label Designs
Description: Beer label art direction and design for 3 Floyds Brewing Co. Illustrations by various artists.

The 12 oz beers are the cornerstone of the 3 Floyd’s brand. Available year­-round and the one you want to see waiting in the fridge at the end of a long day.

As such, the 12 ouncer gets a lot of facetime with the public–its labels seen on store shelves, in restaurants and bars, and in the six­packs brought home.

Which means they need to work hard for the brand.

We redesigned the existing labels, case cartons and six­packs for heavyweights Alpha King, Robert the Bruce and Gumballhead, and created new designs for the likes of Necron 99, Yum Yum and Midwest favorite, Zombie Dust. Epic battle scenes, vivid color palettes and metallic substrates are just a few highlights. Each new label is a chance to create another showstopper for the public to get a kick out of. Bottoms up!

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