Zimmer Design

Client: 3 Floyds Barrel-aged Bottles
Project: silk screened bottle design
Description: various 750ml silk screened bottles for 3 floyds brewing company

Once a year, 3 Floyds Brewing puts on an epic festival called Dark Lord Day. There is beer (obviously), there is food and there is music. There are also thousands of rabid fans and craft beer aficionados who journey from around the globe to partake in the spoils. With each Dark Lord Day comes a special, very limited release of barrel­-aged beers made with such delightful ingredients as vanilla beans and guajillo chilis. People go mad for them. Tickets sell out in under five minutes a year in advance.

They wait in lines for hours. They hope for the Golden Ticket. They consider selling their first born.

Each year, we create a new set of themed silkscreened designs that feature skulls wearing all manner of unusual headgear including but not limited to: wrestling masks, coontail caps and the boufantiest of powdered wigs. For 2016′s releases we collaborated with Jesse Draxler to create some minimal labels using his incredible artwork as well. After being dipped in colored wax and sealed, the bottles are carefully locked away till the day of the festival where they are released to the public to covet and treasure and cradle in their arms for all eternity. To say these choice bottles are revered and collected would be an very silly understatement indeed.

AIGA Louisville, The SHOW award winner 2016

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