Zimmer Design

Client: 3 Floyds Beer Truck
Project: Delivery Truck Design
Description: Delivery truck wrap design for 3 Floyds Brewing Co.

When you’re 3 Floyds, you go big. Always. When you need graphics for your company delivery truck (AKA Nick’s Mobile Command Center) you go even bigger. There will be no glossy, frothing beer bottle photography, no. There will be nothing predictable and pretty.

But there will be three­-headed dragons, and space marines and blood raining from the heavens.

And it will be fire engine red and the blackest black and heavy metal gold with a few dozen cryptic skulls thrown in for good measure. And you will sit back and delight in the knowing that every curious passerby is doing a double take, stupified, asking themselves what the heck just hit them.

We’d be offended if they didn’t.


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