Zimmer Design

Client: Belmont Barbershop
Project: Identity and Responsive Website
Description: Identity Design and Responsive Website for Belmont Barbershop
Link: belmontbarbershop.com

A throwback to the classic barbershops of yesteryear, Belmont Barbershop is that rare urban find: a place that is authentically awesome minus hipster pretension. And still, every trendsetter wants to get his grooming done there anyway. There’s an unspoken understanding that you leave the attitude at the door. Belmont offers unparalleled quality and style with the added bonus that owner Josh is a ridiculously nice guy. We looked at all these attributes lined up and figured we’d be dumb not to want to work with them.

The client wanted a refreshed logo evoking the charm of an old­ school barbershop–friendly, hip and approachable–

So we hopped right on that bandwagon. Then we moved onto creating a simple yet effective responsive website that featured an online scheduling service, a must for the busy shop. We paired the single­ scroll page with sharp black and white photography and a zippy, retro vibe was born. Badda­boom, badda­bing. No more running to answer the phones mid flattop any longer. Barbers are free to buzz, shear and snip interrupted. And clients have a no fuss no muss, pleasantly designed website to anticipate their needs.


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