Zimmer Design

Client: Great Dane Pub & Brewing
Project: Rebrand and 12oz can designs
Description: Brand refresh and packaging design for Great Dane Pub & Brewing

Our client from the fine state of Wisconsin, Great Dane Brewing Co. a cornerstone of the city of Madison, and a beloved brand in the community, is faithful in its commitment to its citizens and employees. Their presence has been lovingly cultivated over the past two decades, firmly establishing them as an institution in the community and beyond. It is this dedication that first caught our eye as something unusual. We figured if they applied this much heart to their people, those good intentions probably spilled over into their product and we’d be lucky to snag them as a client. It did. And then some.

We delved in deep, carving out a shiny new brand direction, a family of logos, a brand illustration style, beer can designs and merchandise.

Harnessing the brand direction theme of Modern Classic, we designed the cans to feature a contemporary spin on retro beers. We featured the can’s silver substrate as a “color” with a playful use of negative space, and kept the palette pared down to ivory and only one additional color per beer style. Layering in nostalgic looking typefaces came next. This was a true 360 degree overhaul for Great Dane–modernizing it for the future and carefully respecting its past.

AIGA Louisville, The SHOW award winner 2015
AIGA Louisville, The SHOW Judge’s Choice 2015

*Illustrations by Ryan Duggan


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