Zimmer Design

Client: Noon Whistle Brewing
Project: Main line 12oz Can Designs
Description: Packaging brand design for Noon Whistle Brewing

There’s something undeniably pleasant about the aroma of fresh beer brewing. It’s an enveloping sensory reaction–that malty wetness–signaling to the brain that good things are coming. The genius of the Noon Whistle brewery is the complete lack of separation between the imbiber and the brewers. It’s an open concept floorplan, which means you essentially walk headfirst into the brewing process and all of its deliciousness–that connecting thread–the camaraderie of beer.

When Noon Whistle approached us to design their first foray into packaged beer cans, they communicated that they wanted something bold, bright and unusual.

We thought choosing an unexpected palette would set them apart from other competitors in the category and developed this idea further with a kind of deconstructed argyle pattern: again, for its ability to distinguish the brand in the field. Layering in thin, black and chunky, white type over the blocks of color enabled us to play off the deconstructed theme. The result is a punky, fresh vibe that suits the energy of the brand.

AIGA Louisville, The SHOW award winner 2016
AIGA Louisville, The SHOW Judge’s Choice 2016


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