Zimmer Design

Client: Original Makers Club 2017 Covers
Project: Magazine Cover Design
Description: Cover design for magazine showcasing local artisans, makers and shops in Louisville & Lexington, Kentucky

A forever passion of Zimmer-Design’s, printed matter owns a corner of our collective design hearts; a faithful reminder of the importance of the tangible, of the necessity of holding something meaningful in our hands. In a time of the digital, of the now, when attention spans are brief and the screen is eternally glowing, we are always game to create something with the potential to last.

Established primarily for the Louisville and Lexington markets of artisans, restaurateurs, makers, retail establishments and the like, the Original Makers Club directive was to design covers for their annual books that feature said makers.

We thought it would be resourceful to appeal to larger, neighboring markets, such as Nashville, since the books are distributed in high-end hotels and seen by travelers from all over the globe.

We knew straight away we wanted to shake things up a bit and steer the design (and the audience) towards the side of avant garde rather than the traditional–an invitation to walk the edge with us. By selecting an unexpected paper stock and employing the printing techniques of foil stamping and blind embossing, the experiential nature of the design was further enhanced. And to end things on a playful note, we mirrored the type from the front cover onto the back cover. As they say, it’s good to change your perspective every now and again.

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