Zimmer Design

Client: Reina Imaging
Project: Reina Imaging Website
Description: Responsive website design, creative direction and environmental design for Reina Imaging

How does one make X-ray imaging accessories and services both easy to understand and easy on the eyes? Can it be made sexy? Can it be made cool? These were our challenges when tasked with the responsive website design and environmental graphics for Reina Imaging, a second generation family-owned business that produces top tier radiological accessories. With a dedication to innovative design and construction, the client was speaking our language right from the get-go.

Focusing on sleek, spare, product photography proved to be our touchstone for the entirety of the website and tradeshow design processes.

The photography’s confident point of view, featuring unexpected angles and perspectives, set the stage for a pared down, minimalist aesthetic which we employed throughout the site’s layout, navigation and booth components. All design elements including typography, materials and color closely followed a rigid system to keep attention on the products themselves. Language too was crafted with concise, quick-to digest-bites.

We outfitted Reina with that commanding moment they had been craving and helped them solidify their position as leaders and innovators in the radiology accessories market.

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