Zimmer Design

Client: Thomas Chadwick’s The Boxer
Project: Promotional mailer design
Description: Print piece to promote Thomas Chadwick's unique photographic storytelling

When Chicago-based, British-born, photographer Thomas Chadwick approached us with the idea of doing a large format print communication that would showcase one of his recent projects, we took one look at the images and jumped. A raw, unvarnished, day-in-the-life series of a Los Angeles boxer, they were compelling, honest and heartbreakingly human.

We decided the piece should tell a story, the story of this man’s life from sunrise to sunset, featuring photographs luxuriously large in scale, and typography that was mysterious–dancing about on the pages, much like the boxer’s agile footwork.

Providing ample white space allowed for breathing room surrounding the images, to give the viewers a chance to really soak everything in. As a mailer targeting the creative community, our goal at the onset was to show creative directors and art buyers a side of this photographer they hadn’t seen before, and to create a showstopper people wanted to hold onto, to tack up on their walls.

We wanted them to remember Thomas Chadwick again and again; to not only capture their attentions, but to hold onto them.

Photo District News, PDN Photo Annual Award Winner 2017 for Self-Promo

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