Zimmer Design

Client: Une Année
Project: Branding and 750ml beer label designs
Description: Branding, Logo and packaging for Une Année Brewery
Link: http://uneannee.com/

It was obvious after the initial meeting with Jerry of Une Année, a start­up brewery, that we were in the company of a visionary. Jerry was an architect first before becoming a brewer, an unlikely switch, which made him even more mysterious and appealing. He spoke of his product and his desired aesthetic in terms designers dream about–copious amounts of white space, clean lines, nothing fussy or forced, all elements having a sense of purpose.

He wanted his logos and his beer labels to reflect this vision and to look more like something that belonged in the wine section.

No strangers to the Less Is More philosophy (coincidentally, Jerry even named one of his beers with the iconic catchphrase) we set off with our direction in place, creating a custom font for the logotype and logomark, implementing a strict black and white color palette and religiously editing and then re­editing the label design. Right from launch, we established a beer brand that differentiated its products from the competition. Different is the new black.


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