Zimmer Design

Client: Zimmer-Design x Shay Church
Project: Edition of 71 hand cast porcelain 22oz beer bottles
Description: Collaboration with Shay church of Grayling Ceramics. For Sale at the link below.
Link: http://zimmerdesign.bigcartel.com/

We are of the mindset more often than not, that less is probably more. That to streamline a design to its essence is deceptively tricky and to surround yourself with talented craftsman and artists is half the battle in taking ideas to reality. So when we were approached to exhibit in the Artists in Ales 2014 show in Chicago, we had the notion to cast porcelain beer bottles from actual 22 oz glass bottles and to release them as numbered edition art pieces. We are not ceramicists, no, but we did know a very talented one named Shay Church of Grayling Ceramics, an accomplished professor at Western Michigan University who agreed to hop aboard this adventure train. A collaboration was born.

With Shay in his studio doing most of the heavy lifting long distance, we shipped bottle shapes we liked to him and he toiled with getting the mold just right to emphasize the perfect imperfections of the clay cast seams.

Nothing but the numbered edition stamps on the back spoiled the curves of the bottles–vaguely reminiscent of the White Album in its simplicity, surprising in its delicate beauty.

A few months later, we were picked to exhibit the bottles at EXPO Chicago. Lesson learned: if you think an idea is just wacky enough to work, it probably will.


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