Carol de Lucca

Picture of Carol de Lucca
Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Rio, Brazil to a family of sailors, Carol practically learned how to sail before she learned how to walk. Growing up on the water, inspiration was everywhere – from the incredibly beautiful underwater silence when scuba diving, to the the patterns and colors of the fish, shells and other marine creatures. Looking back, her first spark for design was found within the lines, colors and systems of nautical maps and in the graphical information they provided to navigate.

She loves meeting new cultures and their people, architecture, fine arts and European interior design magazines. Her adventurous mindset led her from Brazil to Louisville in 2014 to live with her then-boyfriend, now-husband João, who is an olympic swimmer for Brazil and trains at UofL. From the second she chose design, she knew she was meant to do this. She treats every day and every project as a gift, with endless enthusiasm and equally-matched work ethic.  

Her love of branding, packaging and publication design landed her an internship at Zimmer-Design, which she says helped her follow her instincts as a designer. She transitioned that internship into a full time gig and currently lives with João and their dog Lua here in Louisville. Yes, they miss the ocean, but they love the peaceful life here.

I’m interested in trying to do things that I feel like I have no business doing. Because that was part of what we did as a band. We weren’t afraid to try shit.
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