James Lindsey

Picture of James Lindsey
New Business & Brand Activation

James has been called a “Creative Swiss Army Knife,” “Culture Curator,” and a “Master of Aesthetics” by multiple people. Together those titles are too lengthy to squeeze onto a single business card, but the descriptions do suit him.

Two things interested James in high school—freestyle rapping with friends and attending marketing competitions. Success in both led him to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing while simultaneously enjoying a blossoming music career. Being a musician gave him an outlet to showcase his creativity while allowing him to connect with multiple brands and form partnerships. Working with some of the city’s biggest and brightest businesses to create long-lasting experiences has been something that James appreciates.

James also holds value in community, family, and equality. He spends his time working with various non-profit boards and recently helped to co-found Louisville Race Club as a way to provide a wellness option for his community. He enjoys playing basketball, traveling, art, sneakers, food, nature, and hanging with his wife Grace and son Artie.

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