Jeff Kean

Picture of Jeff Kean

Driven by curiosity that was born out of reading a lot about outer space as a child (and as an adult), Jeff naturally pursued a career in advertising. Working for NASA was a close second, but he was always more excited by the prospect of exploring new worlds than the means by which he got there.

He started as a software developer and moved into more strategic roles as his career progressed. He has worked for boutique development shops like Thirdwave, as well as for large agencies like DigitasLBi and Critical Mass. His primary career motivation is to foster idea generation and brand transformation. Hopefully one of these ideas is off-world colonization, bringing together his two greatest passions.

Jeff holds a degree in philosophy from Miami University in Ohio – his home state. He currently lives in Chicago and has two cats, Admiral Byrd and Ernest Shackleton. He gets his exploration fix through science fiction books and games. He’s deeply disappointed that people are unlikely to visit other solar systems during his lifetime, but he holds out hope of an intergalactic journey at some point.

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