Jeremy Markle

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New Business & Brand Strategy

Jeremy has always had an epicurean bent. At a young age, this was expressed in plating and garnishing his bologna and mayonnaise sandwiches with just the right ratio and arrangement of Cheetos and cinnamon apple slices. He also has an appetite for extremes—after stints with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Services in Nevada and Tennessee, he found himself in the small, historic village of Cooperstown, NY. There, Jeremy joined up with some Belgian brewers during the heady days of the craft beer revolution. Following his bliss, he eventually landed in Central Kentucky, where he worked in bourbon and beer, managing sales teams, innovating new products, and developing national and international brand strategies. He truly began testing his mettle, though, with marriage and fatherhood.

Today Jeremy finds an estery Tripel, a sun-dappled Adirondack chair, and a friendly game of chess or ping pong as the noblest of pursuits, but his greatest satisfaction is as a student of history and cultivator of friendships. Deriving from this is a sensitivity to moral compunctions, conscientiousness, and compassion, which drive him to champion equality, tolerance, and social justice in every corner of his life.

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