Jess Zimmer

Picture of Jess Zimmer
Partner and Design Director

Fresh out of college, Jess found her very first design job to be her most formative. It was at a boutique Chicago graphic design studio where she learned the magic of possibility, to take the parameters off what’s created so the solutions can reveal themselves and to really get out there with creativity and problem-solving. She learned to be resourceful and to believe she could figure out any design challenge presented. This position also served to deepen her inherent love of truly beautiful typography.

Her passion for all things aesthetically pleasing stretches well beyond the office, with her obsession for graphic and interior design being a critical part of how she lives her life of intention. Aesthetically, she is both a maximalist and a minimalist, while at the same time an equal opportunist, not counting out any genre or style. She loves a good classical serif as much as a modern sans – both color and the absence of color. Spare and clean or rich and textured, it all holds a reverential place in her heart. The knowledge that there are limitless possibilities and combinations of design is part of what holds her interest in what she does and keeps her coming back for more, year after year.

She lives in a circa 1910 Edwardian home in Louisville with her husband and partner Jim and their two cats, and she finds any excuse she can to travel. When she’s not daydreaming of her next European holiday, you’ll find her on nature walks in her neighborhood, singing loudly at home and in her car or watching Netflix and chilling.

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