Jim Zimmer

Picture of Jim Zimmer
Partner and Creative Director

When you first meet him, it’s impossible not to notice his towering 6’6” frame and assume he’s some sort of athlete. But when you take a look at his work, it’s impossible not to notice he’s a true student of his craft. And it’s where those two things came together that helped shape his career.

While attending college, Jim was a 300-pound lineman, pushing people around the football field, who also happened to major in fine art. At the end of the day, his passion for collage and inspiration by great American artists like Joseph Cornell won out over studying playbooks and battling on the gridiron. He shifted his focus to getting internships in Chicago and honing in on what he really wanted to do.

Over the course of the next several years, Jim was able to amass experience in a wide range of agencies and design shops, giving him the ability to design anything put in front of him. The whole time he was collecting experience at these agencies, he was cultivating freelance clients and working in his off hours to build what would eventually become Zimmer-Design. The best part is he was able to create this alongside his wife and Design Director, Jessica Zimmer.

Always one to find different ways to get out his creative inspirations, Jim had a whole quasi-underground side gig for years as a drum and bass DJ and promoter for the collective Bass by the Pound. When not hustling for Zimmer-Design, Jim is supporting his beloved Tottenham Hotspur, or fantasizing about his next espresso and/or trip to Japan.

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