Joshua Jean-Marie

Picture of Joshua Jean-Marie

Junior Project Manager & Content Strategist

Although a little quiet at first, it doesn’t take long for Josh to fill a room with laughter and sarcastic banter, while still maintaining the perfect amount of collected composure.

After joining his high school newsmagazine staff and working his way up from writer to Co-Editor-in-Chief, Josh knew he had developed a love for storytelling and leading projects from start to finish. 

This love for storytelling inspired Josh to pick up a camera, allowing him to unknowingly fulfill a deep desire to create images reflecting his sensitivity toward intimacy and solidarity. Simultaneously, the joy he experienced from leading a staff prompted him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing, introducing him to the worlds of project management and creative strategy. 

When he doesn’t have a camera in hand or a skateboard beneath his feet, you can most likely find him at a local coffee shop building relationships, one person at a time.

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