Nate Weaver

Picture of Nate Weaver
Associate Creative Director

Nathan, Nate, Nat, Weave or Weaver (any of those will work) started drawing before he could walk. Raised by a clan of musicians, his creativity, inquisitiveness and fascination for many things was strongly encouraged from a very young age. At some point along the line, his sketching, experimentation and adventures turned into something a little more serious.

When boyhood dreams of becoming the next Shawn Kemp faded with inevitable reality, his creative skills continued to develop. With a traditional education in drawing, painting, sculpture and music paired with an interest in history, science and sociology, he was lead directly to design. The challenge of communicating ideas through shape, color and content has turned into an award-winning skill and passion.

Whether it’s working with a Fortune 100 corporation, local coffee shop or non-profit, Nathan meets creative opportunity with sincere interest and excitement. He currently resides in the Butchertown neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky with his dog Reggie and cat Bird. Nathan keeps his creative energy going by being out in nature as much as possible, listening to all kinds of music, exploring the city with his bike gang, talking to strangers, debating pointless topics and eating weird things.

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