These photos offer a raw, soulful look at a day in the life of a Los Angeles boxer. They’re honest, compelling and agonizingly human. They tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. From the onset, we knew we had to tell this story in a way that did justice not only to the boxer, but also to the man behind the camera.

The piece itself features ample white space, captivating photography and typography that is mysterious, dancing about on the pages, much like the boxer’s agile footwork. With a mailer targeting the creative community, our goal was to show creative directors and art buyers a side of this photographer they hadn’t seen before and to create a showstopper people wanted to hold onto or tack up on their walls.

Photo District News, PDN Photo Annual Award Winner 2017 for Self-Promo
HOW International Design Awards, Annual Reports/Brochures, Outstanding Achievement Winner 2018

The photos were so real and authentic, you could see the movement and power in them.

CANVAS metaballs