0Custom-calibrated solutions every single time.

We start our day by staying curious and remembering that play is essential to the creative process. This curiosity and collaborative spirit is our connective thread to a genuine experience for ourselves and our clients.

Thinking ten steps ahead while walking right alongside you.

Our Capabilities Include:  Branding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Packaging, Brand Voice & Messaging, Strategy & Narrative, Brand Naming, Print, Copywriting & Storytelling, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Environmental Design, Website Design, Campaigns, Art Projects & Collaboration, Interiors Consulting, Conceptual Design.
So, how do we take something that doesn’t yet exist and make it into something tangible? The process is certainly important. But process gets tricky when it becomes formulaic. If every client and project is different, how would applying a set formula work to solve a unique challenge? In short, we’re of the mindset that a bespoke process serves the challenge and you more successfully.

Enthusiastically coloring outside the lines since 2013.

Zmmr™ was birthed in 2013 by inquisitive co-founders (and husband and wife duo) Jessica and Jim Zimmer. After both had paid their industry dues working for companies that spanned large ad agencies to boutique design shops, they optimistically made the leap to start their own thing. 

As Design Director, Jessica specializes in high-end branding, packaging, print, and art direction and believes that access to creative resources is necessary for a healthy, thriving society. Her design finesse has earned Zmmr™ national and international awards, but it's really the natural world that keeps her ticking.

As Creative Director, Jim makes cranking out award-winning design look annoyingly easy, but the wheels are always turning inside his impressively tall stature. Trained as a fine artist, Jim channels his conceptual abilities into every project that comes across his desk and refills his tank by getting sporty and making art whenever he can.

In our industry, you’ll find a lot of jargon thrown around. By design, it’s meant to confuse and distract. We’re not fans of this approach because of the inherent exclusivity that is baked in. 

We like to say we’re anti-jargon™  the reason being that functional, surprising, clever design should be within reach not for the few but for the many. As a collective, we all benefit when exposed to beauty, when our everyday surroundings, personal and household wares, and the like are thoughtfully and artfully produced. This makes us a little bit unusual, a little bit rebellious, and not a little experimental.  

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