Anchal Brand Development. Full brand evolution of a nonprofit—bringing to life the warmth and storytelling of its spirited mission.

Anchal Project.
Work: Brand Identity including Logos, Visual System, Identity System, Illustration, Print Collateral, Digital Assets & Content, Art & Creative Direction, Photography Styling, Messaging. Credits: Design Direction—Jessica Zimmer, Creative Direction—Jessica Zimmer, Design—Carol de Lucca, Jessica Zimmer, Jim Zimmer, Illustration—Nathan Weaver, Campaign Photography—Nicola Harger, On-Site Photography—Anchal.

References: Jaipur’s architectural vernacular, Vintage kantha textiles, Hindi letterforms

“Our mission is to use design and collaboration to provide economic opportunities for marginalized women to empower themselves through the creation of sustainable products, holistic programs, and global market access.”

(Excerpt from Anchal Brand Guidelines)

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