Dark Matter Core Brand and Coffee Cold Branding and Packaging Development. Creation, development, and design of new packaging for nationwide launch.

Dark Matter Coffee. Work: Branding, Identity, Naming, Packaging Design, Art & Creative Direction. Credits: Design Direction—Jessica Zimmer, Creative Direction—Jim Zimmer, Design—Carol de Lucca, Product Photography—Richard Gary,  Illustrations—Raul Urias.

References: Afrofuturism, Chicago World’s Fair, Interstellar travel

“In a world driven by technology and science, we are the gravitational resistance rooted in skill and philosophy. An innovative culinary family fueled by community and passion to deliver the most intellectually honest coffee you will experience. Dark Matter Coffee® adheres to a philosophy where quality coffees are sourced based on traceability, innovation and social responsibility. Sustainability and fair business practices are very important to us. We have created direct partnerships with farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, and Mexico. These partnerships have grown to become family, allowing us to directly source our beans from the plant to the cup. This sourcing transparency yields fair business practices and unparalleled quality control, a difference that can be tasted in every cup.”

(The Dark Matter Manifesto)

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