Hotel Genevieve Brand Development. Naming and creation of brand for Louisville’s biggest and best boutique hotel.

Bunkhouse, Mountain Shore Properties. Work: Brand Identity including Logos, Storytelling, Visual System, Custom Typography, Print Design, Art & Creative Direction, Copywriting, Signage. Credits: Design Direction—Jessica Zimmer, Creative Direction—Jim Zimmer, Design—Jim Zimmer, Jessica Zimmer, Carol de Lucca, Nathan Weaver. Interior Photography—Nick Simonite, Mini Marché Photo—Jessica Zimmer, Interior DesignRohe Creative, Zine IllustrationsMitch Wiesen, Floral & Quilt IllustrationsDaniel Patrick Simmons, Special ThanksJames Lindsey, Will and Elsa Oldham.

References: James “Sweet Evening Breeze” Herndon, The quilts of Gee’s Bend, Ghost signage

Our hotel is named for a regional type of limestone, Saint Genevieve. Named for the patron saint of Paris, it’s a tip of our hats to the French origins of Louisville. Limestone is prevalent throughout Texas, too, providing a throughline from Bunkhouse origins to this new chapter in Kentucky. A metaphorical and quite literal foundation if ever there was one. In Kentucky, getting stoned is a big deal. Limestone is the legacy of the commonwealth. Stone in and on every corner: reflecting our history, shaping our environment, and creating avenues for commerce.

(Excerpt from Genevieve Brand Guidelines)

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