Group Sounds Brand and Packaging Development. Creation of a branding and packaging system for a multi-market, multi-product family of edibles, beverages, and self-care products.

Clients: Group Sounds, Green Ideas and Wellness. Work: Brand Identity including Logos, Storytelling, Visual System, Illustration, Packaging, Art & Creative Direction. Credits: Design Direction—Jim Zimmer, Creative Direction—Jim Zimmer, Design—Jim Zimmer, Nathan Weaver, Illustration—Jim Zimmer, Nathan Weaver.

References: 60’s Japanese fusion, Tadanori Yokoo, Communal micro-dosing

“Group sounds, often abbreviated as GS, is a genre of Japanese rock music which became popular in the mid to late 1960s and initiated the fusion of Japanese kayōkyoku music and Western rock music. Their music production techniques were regarded as playing a pioneering role in modern Japanese popular music.”

(Excerpt from Wikipedia)
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