KMAC Museum Environmental and Print Design. Creation of a flexible exhibit information system for signage and print using variable type.

Client: KMAC Museum. Work: Visual System, Environmental Design, Print Collateral, Art & Creative Direction. Credits: Design Direction—Jessica Zimmer, Creative Direction—Jim Zimmer, Design—Nathan Weaver, Product Photography—Richard Gary, On-Site Photography—Josh Minogue, iPhone Photography—Jim Zimmer, Art Photography—KMAC.

Avant-Garde back-issues, Cataloging systems, Barbara Kruger at LACMA

For example, in reference to the nautical devices that are used to mark specific spots in large, ambiguous bodies of water, the glass buoys that appear in varying contexts throughout the exhibition reproduce the uncertainty of relocating a designated site among changing currents and constantly shifting waterways, becoming metaphors for life, preservation, and loss.

(Excerpt from Che Rhodes “Moments of Longitude”)

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