ThinkShout Brand Development. Creation of a branding system for an agency with connecting humans at the core of its purpose.

Client: ThinkShout. Work: Brand Identity including Logos, Visual System, Illustration, Web Design, Art & Creative Direction. Credits: Design Direction—Jim Zimmer, Creative Direction—Jim Zimmer, Design—Carol de Lucca, Jim Zimmer, Nathan Weaver.

Whiteboard doodles, Early 80’s tech, W.E.B. Du Bois’ infographics

Our distributed team comes together from far and wide, uniting over one shared purpose–building digital platforms that rise to meet the world’s biggest challenges. Working with nonprofits and mission-driven clients, our digital service offerings range from content strategy and creative direction, to complex engineering challenges and beyond. We excel at creating websites that not only tell the story of an organization’s impact, but increase it.  

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