Zero Zero Branding. Full identity development for a breezy Miami-based natural wine shop that is out to change the way you feel about wine.

Client: Zero Zero. Work: Branding, Website, Design, Print Collateral, Signage, Interiors Consulting, Merch, Art & Creative Direction. Credits: Design Direction—Jessica Zimmer, Creative Direction—Jim Zimmer, Design—Jessica Zimmer, Carol de Lucca, Photography—Julian Cousins, Illustrations—Cezar Berje.

Andy Sweet’s Photos of Miami, Memphis Style, The Talking Heads

Ditch the cliches about regions and vintages. Pick a bottle because you like the color of the juice or the design of the label. Crush it with your friends at the beach. Change their minds about what wine is. Turn into wine drinkers.

(Excerpt from Zero Zero Brand Style Guide)
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